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Podium Labs, powered by Arena Hub and Catarina Capital




Arena HUB, in partnership with Catarina Capital, announces the opening of registrations for the Peneira program, the first open innovation program of the accelerator Podium.


Arena HUB is a center for innovation and fostering entrepreneurship with a focus on sports and entertainment, headquartered at Allianz Parque. The center is formed by 3 fundamental pillars, which are: maintaining companies, which support and invest in sector innovation initiatives; startups, which offer technologies to solve industry problems and; industry partners, which involves entities, clubs, leagues, federations, professionals and athletes. Currently, there are more than 25 partner entities of the initiative. Catarina Capital, in turn, is a manager focused 100% on technology assets to offer the market complementary investment products, aimed at obtaining returns and contributing to the demands for the development of innovation ecosystems.


Podium Labs is a program aimed at startups with business models aimed at the Sports Industry, which offer solutions to the challenges that different agents of this industry face, aiming at the generation of new products and services with high added value. Podium Labs seeks to find and boost startups through entrepreneurial training and education, in addition to a direct connection with the sports innovation ecosystem and the generation of new businesses, through the Podium network. The selected startups will receive support to find angel investors and / or to increase the number of customers and / or to move to an acceleration program.


2. Structuring of investment via PODIUM

  • Vehicle: Partnership Account (SCP);

  • Ostensive partner: is responsible for the obligations in his own name (PODIUM) with operating resources from the operating cost rate;

  • Participating partner: risk restricted to the invested capital;

3.  Investment in startups

Mutual convertible into equity interest:

  • Creditor status of the startup;

  • Pre-established shareholding right;

Investor rights

  • Veto: remuneration of members, approval of budgets, assumption of obligations, etc;

  • Non-dilution: in investment rounds less than R$ 500k and rounds with a valuation lower than R$ 5m;

  • Preference: acquisition of participation and liquidation;

  • Tag Along: priority sale when the offer for acquisition by third parties;

4. Investment politic 

  • Verticals: Fan Engagement, Human Performance and Wellness, Smart Spaces, Knowledge and Education, Sports Business Intelligence, eSports and Gamification, Media and Content

  • Participation acquired in each Startup: between 6% - 20% (⅓ directed to the management team)

  • Investment per startup: between R$ 100,000.00 and R$ 400,000.00

  • Investment goal: 10 startups

5. Evaluation Process


Step #1:

  • Online notice;

  • Interview with founders;

Step #2:

  • Sieve: 4 weeks pre-acceleration for complete due diligence and immersion in startups;

  • Final selection Acceleration program Up to 6 months;


Term: 4 to 7 years of investment

Output alternatives:

  • Strategic: companies interested in startups;

  • Secondary market: Venture Capital fund (usually Series B);

  • IPO: possibility for outliers *;

  • Estimated exit valuation: R$ 40M - R$ 60M;


27/04 - 21/05

Selection of registered startups and interview with founders and screening according to the Notice;
01/06 - 07/07

Sieve: Pre-acceleration program for immersion in startups (due diligence, deep dive in strategy, market size);
10/07 - 24/07

Final Evaluation: Committee composed of the managers of Catarina Capital and the ARENA HUB Council

03/08 + 6 months

Acceleration: Training with specialists from the Arena HUB, from Catarina Capital, workshops, meetups and mentoring to improve the business model and traction strategy + Monthly monitoring and reporting to Investors;

1 Companies must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Podium Labs during the Program.

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