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This partnership is focused on fostering and further developing the sports industry and our Ecosystem in all aspects, from institutional to practical, from electronic sports to fan engagement.
About the Partnership

“We are in a moment of sport transformation, of how the fan interacts and how we can make this experience so meaningful for the consumer. Thus, the theme of fan engagement has never been so present, requiring new strategies and innovation. In this first project, it will be essential to have the expertise of Ambev, a company that has always been present at major sporting events. It will be a differential for us to encourage the market with relationship innovations and with the experience in Arenas that are more and more technological and intelligent”.


—  Ricardo Mazzucca, CEO Arena Hub


“With Arena Hub, we took the lead once again by strengthening our work on a theme that, culturally, has always been one of our strengths: uniting people for a better world. The partnership reinforces our commitment to nurturing sports in a fully collaborative way. In our journey of digital and cultural transformation, technology and innovation already permeate our processes. Let's get even closer to national startups to build and promote new ways to engage our consumers."

—  Felipe Bratfisch , Director of Sponsorships and Experience Marketing at Ambev.


“Having Ambev as the first sponsor is very important for Arena Hub and this shows that we are on the right path. Our goal is always to promote connections between players in the sports sector and big brands. The exchange between the ecosystem and Ambev will be of great value to the market, opening doors for new projects, more technology and innovation for the sports industry”.

—  Antônio de Castro Neves, Commercial Head of Arena Hub.

About Ambev

Ambev is a company that believes to dream big and dream small gives the same work, so are present in the most important moments and striking: the field to the cup, the best shows, football games, barbecue with family and friends, or even when resting after a long day at work.

They believe they can, together with society, transform the world into a better place to live. Encouraging new attitudes such as: responsible consumption and the preservation of natural resources, which are more than projects, is AmBev's way of thinking and acting.

Everything they do is in search of respect and collaboration to achieve a sustainable attitude.
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The Golaço Challenge, developed by Arena Hub and Ambev, is focused on solving pains found in the sports and entertainment industry, with the aim of boosting the segment and generating new business.
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